Payment Information

In all cases, patients of North East Dental Arts agree to the following policies:

Payment is due in full of the estimated patient portion of the fees when services are rendered. As a courtesy, our office will gladly submit insurance forms to your provider for payment of services rendered. You agree to assign directly to Dr. Nuhfer and/or North East Dental Arts all insurance benefits. You authorize Dr. Nuhfer and/or her staff to release all necessary information to your insurance company to secure the payment of benefits.

Patients are always responsible for amounts not covered by insurance. Should an outstanding balance due result after your insurance company processes your claim, you will then be sent a statement. Payment in full is due by the due date printed on the statement.

North East Dental Arts does not allow partial payments.

If a credit balance should result after your insurance company processes your claim, a refund will be issued to you or a credit posted to your account.

If payment is not received by the due date printed on the statement, your account will be considered “past due”. We reserve the right to charge late fees on all past due accounts.

If an account is turned over to a collection agency and/or attorney for collection, the account holder will be responsible for ALL collection agency and/or attorney fees that this office incurs while attempting to collect on the unpaid balance. These collection fees will be added to the outstanding portion of the account, and will also become the financial responsibility of the account holder.

Payment Types

North East Dental Arts accepts cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.

Dr. Nuhfer is a participating provider in the following employer-provided plans:

Delta Dental

CareCredit Program

Sadly, many dental services are not covered by insurance... but there’s good news!

CareCredit can help you get that healthy smile you’ve always wanted with special financing options whether you have insurance or not. You can bypass the waiting and worrying by applying for CareCredit to cover your health, beauty and wellness needs.

Please ask our receptionist for a CareCredit Application or click the link below to apply online.


      Click Here Apply to for CareCredit


Dr. Nuher will recommend a treatment plan that prioritizes problems needing immediate attention from those that are less urgent. Often, treatments can be phased in over time to maximize your insurance benefits. However, you should always ask and be aware of any possible consequences from delaying treatment.

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